Getting above your raisin’

Now most of you know that I grew up in the Denver Metro area. I went and visited my family on the farm in South Dakota. Being born in Mitchell, SD. How ever we moved while I was still and infant. Actually that is the reason we moved, my asthma.

On these trips I admit to feeling a little out of my depth. But as I was a city girl I never thought it concerned me to much. Now my Aunts Shirley and Vera had a saying that warned “Don’t get above your raisin'”. I thought it funny and must admit I didn’t know what they were talking about. Raisins?! Dried up old grapes? But never thinking it applied to me I went along my merry way. Well God has a funny way of evening things out. Yes, I know that he has a plan but I never seem to be in the loop!

This afternoon I was reminded of that saying by perfect strangers and it reminded me of a time when I really did get above my raisin’ (No grapes were harmed in the making of this story). One time I was visiting my Aunt Edith and Uncle Donnie. Mom, Dad and I had some car trouble. We had gotten a room in Mitchell because there were a lot of relatives there. Now when Dad took the car to the dealership in Mitchell. He dropped Mom and myself off at the mall. Yes they had a mall it was about 1 block long and had about 7 or 8 stores. Mom was ready to go to the hotel. But Dad was nowhere in sight. Now being the city girl I suggested “We can just get a taxi.” I don’t know how many of you have ever been to Mitchell, but I can tell you that the town not only didn’t have a taxi, there was NO mass transit AT ALL.

My Mom of course was laughing at me. See he had spent about 5 years in South Dakota before relocating. She KNEW there was no taxi but she let me look it up and call the number that was listed as the ONLY taxi service available. Disconnected…the phone had been disconnected!! And heaven forbid I walk over to the dealership and see what was up. NO! As we sat looking ever hopeful that Dad would be coming around the corner like the shinning white knight. As we were waiting my Mom having a bit more experience than I had, OK a lot more. But she looked at me and said “Sit here and wait someone will come along.” AND they did!! My friend Kori’s sister Sandy (I think) was shopping in the grocery store. She said she was on her way to work even though she didn’t have enough time to take us to Letcher (Yes, that is the name of the town) If we made sure to be back before her shift ended she would let use her car. Well #blew my MIND! OK I put that in to sound hipper than I am. As you can tell by my use of the word hipper. Mom said no that won’t be necessary, we were staying just down the street about a mile. Can you imagine someone you haven’t seen in over 30some years? And just letting them borrow your car because They asked?!?!  Even Mother Theresa would have asked for a deposit. Sandy got us and our packages along with hers in the back of the car. It took just about 10mins. Being rather a late arrival at most jobs I asked if she was going to get into trouble being late. She laughed and said not hardly. I am hoping her job was very understanding. She dropped Mom and me off at the hotel. With a wave from the drivers window she tootled right down the road. Now unlocking the door and trying to find a place to put the purchases Mom decides to do the right thing and call the dealership from the room (Yes, this was before everyone had a phone in each ear and a headset on.) AT LAST something I felt comfortable doing looking up the car place in the phone book. I called and was told that Dad was on his way to the hotel – I guess it was a loose something or other – my mechanical abilities will be highlighted in another story so tune in! But Mom just told who ever answered the phone to tell him to just go to the hotel. Now I might have mentioned how this was all a totally new concept for me. But when Dad got back. He didn’t ask how we had gotten back to the hotel. He just assumed that we got a ride. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

This afternoon when I was headed to the doctor’s office Harvey’s car broke down – steam coming up thru the emergency brake. I don’t know how many of you know what it is like to be sitting on the side of the road with steam coming out of EVERY WHERE. That is when I have to say that I was totally shocked by the number of people who stopped. Now highway 59 runs from just about Joe’s to I-76. It is ok if you don’t know where any of those places are. I didn’t know until last year that Colorado existed out of Denver. Now you remember those “raisin'” I finally know what they mean. The people who stopped and I have to admit there were 8 or 9. ( which is more than half of the traffic on the road at that time) All asked “What do you need”. We were waiting for help but the people on the highway , except the 18 wheelers, seemed genuinely willing to help. My brother, Harvey, stayed with the car waiting for a friend, Gab (Kudos Gab!!) to drop off his load of straw and circle back to help.

I guess my raisin’ aint done yet. Just remember that no matter who you are or where you come from “Don’t get above your “raisin”

Just an update. The last time I was in Mitchell, SD I saw not only a taxi, but a green taxi! They also now boost TWO McDonald’s! I guess I am not the only one to finish my “raisins”!