Adulting Stinks

I guess even God needs a smile now and again! As Adults we know life isn't perfect. I have been shown just how imperfect it is. My friend passed away. Funny how short that sentence looks. It doesn't take into account the tears, memories and just plain pain it brings. I met my friend, Joey, … Continue reading Adulting Stinks


Let there be light!

Ok fess up!!! How many drive after dark? As secondary question: How many know that our parents are just laughing in heaven!?!? I would drive them after dark. And yes I gave them a hard time, not knowing that it would come back and bite me. My son has let me use a car, I … Continue reading Let there be light!

Did you hear me?

Leslie I have an older brother that is a Saint. Now he hasn’t always a Saint. He was the one that hit me on top of head…. With a sledgehammer. Ok, it might NOT have been on purpose. The boys were knocking down the old incinerator in the back yard. But thru the years he … Continue reading Did you hear me?

Old Movies

I love old movies! The pre background music, pre gore and pre color ones. Why you ask? Well, read on. Before the canned background music, you actually got the feel of a scene by emotional connection with the actors. Sound is used to tell us how we are supposed to feel. Before it came from … Continue reading Old Movies

School picture day

I don’t know if other households did this but in our family school pictures were a big deal. Does anybody remember making sure school picture day were far enough in advance so that they could be in Christmas Cards? In our family Grandpa got a carton of cigarettes (at a price that wouldn’t even buy … Continue reading School picture day

As summer ends

With Summer gone I think back on other Summers. Way before the pandemic. I had promised my son a trip to the water park. If you have ever promised a kid anything, you know once the idea was in his head there was no stopping him. I REALLY needed to shave my legs before putting … Continue reading As summer ends

And 35 years later…

When I was younger and a lot more flexible I still had trouble riding horses. I actually rode pretty decently, what I couldn’t do was get up in the saddle. My brother Harvey worked it out that he would grab the back of my jeans, on the count of three he would pull me up … Continue reading And 35 years later…

And the angels sang!

Ok, all my prayer warriors!!!!!It WORKED!! Settle in for the story. I had been talking to a lady in the Burlington Housing Authority. I had a migraine when I was to meet her. I knew that She goes between Burlington and Cheyenne Wells. So I was expecting a call from her. Decided that if I … Continue reading And the angels sang!

Which gray pickup?

Just another case of me getting in the wrong vehicle!! Yet another saga of wth(?) in the life of Chris Moe. Two things to remember before we proceed1) This was the first time I had driven my sons pickup.2) My son had been to the ER just a couple of days before this happened.I drove … Continue reading Which gray pickup?

Life in the poor lane!!

I don't know how many of you receive money from the "government". I am on disability so I get a little bit (microscopic) amount every month. This month I tried to pay rent by sending it via the wire transfer method. I sent it and even got a confirmation number. On Sunday, I did this. … Continue reading Life in the poor lane!!